Keep your head down . . . .

One day, when Richard was a senior at the Academy, I was walking out of the firm when I ran into an older partner. We began talking, and I mentioned that my kids were getting ready to go to college and I was wondering how we could possibly pay for their schooling. His advice was: “Keep your head down, take it one day at a time, pay the bills as they come, and before you know it you will be done.” He was right. We have followed that advice and today, about four years later, we are indeed almost done.

I wonder if this humble advice might not apply equally to the country’s current financial predicament. Rather than worrying about where the economy will be years from now, or speculating on whether a “crisis” might turn into a “catastrophe,” or announcing the rough contours of programs that have not even been finalized, perhaps we would be better served if our elected representatives took a deep breath, kept their heads down, and deliberately took our situation one day at a time. Basic human experience teaches that people who make quick decisions under enormous pressure often do not make good decisions.



This is a picture of the paintings I displayed at an event called “Modfest” a couple weeks ago at Vassar. It was meant to present students’ creative works to Vassar as well as the Poughkeepsie Community. I showed four paintings, not knowing most other art majors were only showing one or two. Regardless, it was a great chance to show my work and the crowds were very receptive. One woman even offered to buy one of my paintings before the show even started.