… Not Much To Say On A Sunday Afternoon …

Well, it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and Dad is pestering me to write a blog entry. I’ve told him I’m not nearly as fluid as he when it comes to this, but I’ll just check in with a quick entry. Last night we had dinner with our good friends Paul and Laura Williams, and today I’m hoping Dad will pick up a NY Sunday Times for me. I spent my usual Sunday morning watching the morning talk shows. Topic #1, of course, is the economy. We were talking last night about how even if one is not directly impacted yet (and never spit in the wind, as they say), it’s impossible not to be affected psychologically by what’s going on in our country right now. I, of course, remain eternally hopeful with our new president, while Dad maintains his (he would say healthy, I would say not) usual level of cynicism (particularly when he learned our own taxes will be increased soon).

Well, that’s it for now … will return soon.

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