The Din of Thunderous Pinfall

Every year our firm has a bowling tournament, which we call the Carmen Salvino Akron-Canton Invitational. A bunch of lawyers, many of whom have less than a nodding acquaintance with bowling, go to a local bowling alley, wear bowling shirts and shoes, and bowl a few games while drinking a few beers. For all we know, we may be the only law firm of any appreciable size to sponsor its own bowling tournament.

I grew up bowling regularly with my brother and Gramma and Grampa Neal. I learned the scoring conventions at an early age (which was pretty good arithmetic practice) and how to slide and adjust my point of delivery a few boards to the left or right depending on how the alleys were oiled. Now, I bowl precisely once a year — at the Salvino. Last year, Kish and I bowled well and won a number of trophies, which just means that this year we will bowl poorly. Still, it is a lot of fun, and bowling shirts have a lot to recommend them — in the loose-fitting comfort department, at least. And, any sport that you can play while drinking beer can’t be all bad.

Edited to add: Well, I ended up with something in the 170s on the first game, and something in the 150s in the second. Not great, but not horrible either– and a lot of fun, besides.

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