Start of a Trend?

This article — — indicates that President Obama’s poll numbers are falling, and that Americans may not be as happy with increased stimulus spending as some politicians might hope. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

I don’t think politicians should govern with an eye on poll numbers. Americans elect their leaders to lead, not to test the wind and make decisions based on the latest survey results. However, polling data can provide a broad indication of how the people are reacting to the decisions of their leaders. As a society, we often are attracted to what is new and different. My guess is that the latest poll numbers indicate that the new Administration is, increasingly, being viewed as no longer “new.”

5 thoughts on “Start of a Trend?

  1. Also, I believe that Congress’ approval ratings are on the rise, and that Congressional Democrats’ approval ratings are much higher than Republicans’. I also remember seeing at least one poll that showed Americans support Obama’s recovery efforts. I can come up with these if you want.


  2. According to the attached article, Congress’ approval ratings have increased, but only to 18%. I suppose any improvement is noteworthy . . . .


  3. And, I just noticed, they get more recent the closer to the top of the page. They also tend to get higher near the top of the page.


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