Recycling Gone To Seed

Today is one of those bright, sunny, but cool spring days that seem to fill you with energy and a desire to do things around the house. With Richard home for the weekend and graciously willing to lend a hand — Thanks, Richard! I know that this is probably not how you envisioned spending your free time! — we’ve been doing some basic, spring cleaning chores. Today we set out to fix up those annoying spots of mud and dead grass in the front yard.

The tools for this chore are simple: topsoil, a rake, water, and “patch mix.” Patch mix is that fluff-like blue stuff that you put down, and then wet down, after you have roughed up the topsoil. I’m not sure exactly of its ingredients, but obviously grass seed and fertilizer are components. It’s also clear that another component is ground up, recycled paper. In fact, as you are laying down the patch mix, you can see letters, and occasionally entire words, on the paper fragments.

As I’ve noted before, I enjoy doing simple chores and the sense of accomplishment when they are completed. When I add the good feeling that comes from doing something environmentally sensitive, like using a product made in part from recycled items, it makes the positive vibes that much sweeter.

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