This afternoon Kish and I walked over to a mall adjacent to our hotel in Scottsdale. It was a cloudless, brilliantly sunny day, and after a few cooler days the temperature finally felt like it hit the 80s. I slathered on some suntan lotion, wore shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and flip-flops, and sat on benches while Kish visited shops. The coconut oil in the suntan lotion had a summery smell, and the sun felt good on my face and embarrassingly white legs.

I like living where there are seasons, in part because I enjoy the transition from one season to the next. After a long, cold, wet winter, the warmth of spring and summer are welcome indeed.

Guys and Gifts (Part II)

It looks like President Obama isn’t the only guy who has struggled recently with the choice of an appropriate gift. President Obama’s gift may not have been sufficiently thoughtful in the eyes of some, but at least it didn’t have an overt and offensive politicial message like the gift given to President Obama by Chavez. I understand that America’s role in affairs south of the border has not been our finest shining hour, but seriously, do Latin American leaders really believe that America has done more damage to their countries than the corruption and greed of dictators or the death and destruction brought on by “revolutionary” movements ?