That’s Right, We’re Cool

Kish and I are at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, waiting for our flight. The airport has free wireless, so I thought I would use it to make my first wireless, public-area posting to the blog. It is pretty cool to be able to do this, and it just reaffirms how communications networks are changing our lives in unexpected ways.

Of course, the existence of free wireless does not change the fact that business travel is a pretty miserable, crowded, loud, hurry-up-and-wait experience.

Modern Art

One of Larry Rivers pieces

One of Larry Rivers' pieces

Last night at dinner we happened to get into a conversation about modern art, and it caused me to think about Larry Rivers. In college, I took an excellent art class that introduced me to many of the “modern” artists, such as Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns — and Larry Rivers. I particularly liked Larry Rivers’ work because often it had an unfinished, dynamic feel to it. It was as if the artist had just walked away for a minute and the piece had been stolen from his easel. The subjects of Larry Rivers’ work also tended to have an ironic, humorous aspect. This piece captures both of those qualities, and is one of my favorites.