Red Ball Jets

When I was a kid, my favorite sneakers were Red Ball Jets. At the heel of the shoe, where the rubber label was, they had a bright red ball that looked like the afterburner on a jet. They were cool-looking and definitely made you run faster — and as an overweight kid, I needed all the help I could get!

I happened to mention Red Ball Jets today, and to my disgust the people I was talking to scoffed at the idea that they ever existed. So, I ran a Google search, and to my amazement not only are there webpages discussing Red Ball Jets, there are even vintage, unworn pairs of kid-sized Red Ball Jets for sale on ebay — pairs like this one. They look just like I remembered. I can almost feel the cool canvas and smell the sharp new rubber tang in the air as I lace them on and run outside on a hot summer day.

I Hope I’m Wrong, and Maybe I Am

I have to admit I groaned when I was in a theater a few months ago and saw a preview for the new Star Trek movie. The last few Star Trek ventures have been pretty unsatisfying, and I just hate to see the old characters distorted by efforts to make them seem more “relevant” to today’s world. However, this review says that the new movie, simply called Star Trek, is well done. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.