Sierra Leone

Yesterday, RealClearPolitics featured this article from Tony Blair on Sierra Leone as a tourist destination. Sierra Leone is on the west coast of Africa, about at the midpoint of the continent. I thought I would see what elese was available on the internet about Sierra Leone, and was interested to learn that the CIA has a webpage on Sierra Leone — among other countries. Who knew? In any case, the CIA page is a bit more illuminating than the Tony Blair piece. (Note, for example, the “infectious diseases” discussion.) Much as I am interested in visiting Africa, I’m not sure that Sierra Leone would be my first stop.

200th Post

I’m taking a break from the visit of Kish’s Mom and sister to note that we have reached our 200th post on the Webnerhouse blog. Some statistics: 1441 views since we started, with the busiest day being Friday, March 27, 2009, with 95 views. Most popular posts has been “Choices, Choices” with 87 views. More spam than actual comments.

Statistics, though, are intrinsically boring. So, I offer this preview of the new Star Trek movie, which I am anticipating more eagerly than I would have thought: