Smell Trek

Who would have thought that Star Trek-related merchandising would extend to fragrances? For men, there is now Red Shirt and Tiberius, and for women there is Pon Farr. I don’t wear cologne, so I won’t be buying any — but if I were a cologne-wearer, I think Red Shirt would be my choice. As any true fan of Star Trek knows, every “red shirt” guy except Montgomery Scott was ignominiously killed within seconds of the landing party beaming down to Planet Voltron V. Accordingly, the motto for Red Shirt cologne is apt: “Because Tomorrow May Never Come.”

My sense of smell is pretty lame, so I can’t assess the merit of the fragrance. The website describes it as follows: “Bright, clean, and direct with top notes of green mandarin, bergamot and a hint of lavender, Red Shirt finishes strong with base notes of leather and grey musk.” Given the horrible fate that awaits every “red shirt” guy, I’d be surprised if the scents of sweat, fear, and death aren’t found in there, too.

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