Ohioana Book Festival

I’ve been a Board member for the Ohioana Library Association for a long time. Today we had our third Book Festival. It was a smashing success. People from all walks of life came to buy books, listen to readings and lectures, and meet their favorite authors. R.L. Stine, who is a very nice man, was one of the featured authors, and he is like a rock star to his many young fans.

The Festival is free, and it is a wonderful time if you like books. Kish and I listened to a funny reading and talk by Jeff Smith, the creator of the graphic novel BONE and a fan of MAD magazine, I attended a memorable panel discussion by two authors about writing memoirs, listened to a readings by various authors, and had a chance to chat with other writers. It is fascinating to listen to authors talk about their craft, and this kind of event makes me feel good about my home state. Truly creative people have a special energy about them, and it is inspiring to bask a bit in their reflected genius.

1 thought on “Ohioana Book Festival

  1. Bob-

    Sorry I could not attend the Book Festival, but I did send in my application for membership to the Library last week. Keep up the good work, my friend….


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