Blue Fluff, and Now Grass So Green . . . .

About four weeks ago Richard and I roughed up the bare patches in the lawn, wet down the soil, and put down the blue fluff. Our timing was impeccable. Since then, we’ve gotten lots of rain, and the blue fluff has worked like a charm. The bare spots have filled in with tender shoots, and the whole lawn looks like it belongs on the Emerald Isle. The grass is a lush, bright green that is almost painful to look at. It has a wet, translucent quality, as if you were looking at sea grass on the ocean bed at just the moment it is hit by a shaft of sunlight. It’s beautiful, but you have to enjoy it while it lasts. Soon the spring weather will give way to hot, dry summer days, and our painfully green lawn will turn brown and dessicated. Such are the seasons in Ohio.

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