The Stimulus Hits Home

We’ve received word that the Village of New Albany has received $686,000 from the federal stimulus package for road projects. According to this article, part of the money will completely pay for one planned project that involves installation of a traffic signal; the other is available for another project that involves repaving several miles of a local road. I imagine this kind of news is being repeated in communities across the country, where various local projects are being fully or partially funded with federal tax dollars.

So far as I can tell, in New Albany’s case the federal funds are being used to complete entirely local projects that otherwise would have been funded by the local taxpayers who actually use the roads. I suppose that road projects at least have some constitutional nexus to the federal government — they do have an interstate commerce impact, after all — but is this really what the federal government is for?

Not Bad

Kish, Richard and I went to see Star Trek yesterday. It was not bad. I could have done without the score — I’m sick of action movies that feature screeching choirs at stressful points — and I’m not quite sure how one Romulan managed to become so powerful that he could defeat entire squadrons of Starfleet ships, but it was nice to so the old gang together. Spock looks like Spock, McCoy looks and acts like McCoy, Kirk got beat up a lot (although I was disappointed in my hope to see Finnegan at Starfleet Academy) and lots of the same lines from the original series were used to good effect. In my view, though, the best thing about the movie is that they have eliminated the possibility that Trekkers will find continuity breaches or inconsistencies with the original Star Trek shows. The characters can now write, once again, on a clean slate. Bring on the Klingons!