Coming Soon To A Location Near You

H1N1 seems to be spreading throughout the U.S., which is what you would expect of an airborne condition in this time of easy, constant travel. It’s even invaded the ivy-covered walls of Northwestern University.

I don’t think people are panicked about the so-called “swine flu,” but I do think people are aware of it. Earlier this week I was in a conference room with an obviously ill person who sneezed, coughed, and sniffled throughout a day-long deposition. It was a bit unnerving. I’m sure everyone else in the room also was wondering whether the germs they were being exposed to were those of the normal flu, or the more recent, more virulent Mexican import.

The Power of Demographics

Here’s an analysis of the federal budget and unfunded liabilities that should give everyone pause — particularly those who will be working over the next few decades to fund these currently unfunded liabilities. Last night UJ noted that President Obama has shown a refreshing willingness to tackle big problems. Maybe Social Security and Medicare will be next on his agenda.