Last night we went out for dinner with the Zs and Ds, and took them to a restaurant called Udipi that is quickly becoming a favorite. A good indicator of the high quality of the food is that I really enjoy going there even though it serves only vegetarian Indian cuisine and I hate vegetables. But, the food is very flavorful and filling, so I’m willing to overlook the disturbing fact that they serve no meat. I try to stock up on dishes with lentils, peas, and potatoes, with some rice wafers and bread, and it is all delicious. I really like the interesting presentation, too. One dish has the appearance of a big wheat balloon, and another looks like rolled up brown paper filled with potatoes and peas. It also is the only restaurant I’ve ever been to that has cream of wheat on the menu as part of an entree. A final positive — it is extraordinarily reasonably priced, even when a few Kingfishers are tossed into the mix.

It’s fun to go to a new place with old friends. It’s even better when I can take Dr. Science and the Purple Raider, who tend to know everything about the local restaurant scene, to a place they haven’t heard of and have it get accolades.

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