A Fan Of Hurricane Camille

I am a big fan of Camille Paglia, whose most recent column is here. Why? First, she is independent-minded. Her column always reflects her own views, not some distilled and recycled conventional wisdom. She obviously doesn’t feel the need to be a shill for anyone, and is willing to criticize the actions of politicians whom she supports. I have tremendous respect for that characteristic. Second, her interests are wide-ranging. Her columns often address political issues and feminism, but equally often discuss music, performers, and other popular culture issues. She has the self confidence to express thoughts on topics that actually interest her, without self-editing because she worries that some observers might view her as a lightweight. Third, and most important to me, she is an extraordinarily gifted and powerful writer. Anyone who can appreciate quality — and as a devotee of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I think that includes just about everyone — will recognize that her prose reflects the pen and mind of a true craftsman. Her column appears monthly on Salon.com and is not to be missed.

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