There’s a lot of whining on the right about the favorable treatment President Obama receives from the press. This article reflects that perspective. I don’t think we need to scratch our head about this phenomenon, nor do I think it is attributable to some broad-based, outright political bias on the part of the news media.  If it were the latter , all Democrats would receive fawning coverage from the press, and that just isn’t the case.  Most journalists I know from J-School days are liberal in their outlook, but also cynical about all politicians and committed to objectivity in their reporting.

I think the reality is that the press desperately needs to sell papers, or attract viewers, and they believe that President Obama helps them to accomplish that essential goal. Why else would Time repeatedly put the President, or The First Lady, on the cover? It also is true that the President pays attention to the media, sucks up to them, and presents a photogenic personality who seems more intrinsically appealing than many other politicians, such as John McCain. If you had to choose between featuring some cool, smiling apparently laid-back guy and some cranky AARP member, who would you select as more likely to appeal to your readers or viewers?

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