Common Decency (Cont.)

I previously noted that I thought David Letterman should feel ashamed about his crude joke about one of Governor Palin’s teenage daughters, so I’m glad to see that he has apologized. I’m also glad to see that Governor Palin accepted his apology.  Finally, I’m glad that his apology didn’t take the now-standard form of the non-apology “apology,” which goes something like this:  “I didn’t intend my [remark/conduct/joke] to offend anyone and did not think anyone would ever construe my [remark/conduct/joke] in that fashion.  To the extent that anyone was offended by my [remark/conduct/joke] I am sorry.”  At least Letterman had the character to offer a true, unconditional apology for his poor judgment.

With any luck, the episode will cause other figures in the entertainment world to recognize that there still are some lines that, as a matter of common decency, should not be crossed.

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