Vermont Country Sex?

Kish occasionally will suggest a “blogworthy” topic, and yesterday she came up with a doozy.  While flipping idly through the pages of the latest catalog of The Vermont Country Store delivered to our home, she came upon a page that advertises none other than “intimate massagers” and “pleasure-enhancing creams” –right next to an exercise device that is supposed to help incontinence and bottles of an “old-time tonic of apple cider vinegar and 14 herbs and spices” that “some folks” call “the elixir of life.”  The products are on the company’s website, too, and can be found by clicking on the “apothecary” tab and then on “intimate solutions.”  The website offers more products than the catalog, including a wide array of “extremely discreet massagers,” DVDs to “spice up your love life,” and other products of a similar nature.

Apparently this is not a new part of the catalog; the proprietor’s explanation notes that there was some news coverage about these products several months ago.   The proprietor says that the products are not about sex, but rather about “Aging Well, about fully embracing all that life offers as we age.”  That’s putting a noble spin on what is one of the oldest truisms in our consumer culture:  Sex Sells, even if your target audience is senior citizens who otherwise may make impulse purchases of jams, lawn chairs, of a “Blossom-Bordered Muumuu, in Colors as Fresh as the Garden.”

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