As Predicted

As predicted only a few days ago, it hasn’t taken long for stories to surface about pork-barrel projects included in the 300 or so (unread) pages of last-minute amendments added to the “climate change” bill as it was being prepared for debate on the floor of the House of Representatives.  This article focuses on a $3.5 billion federal power authority provision that was added to the bill to help get the vote of Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Toledo.  The new power authority would use the $3.5 billion to fund renewable energy and economic development projects in Ohio and elsewhere in the Midwest.

How crass!  Has Congress really become a body of politicos who simply seek to trade their votes for as much swag for the home district they can wrangle?   How many of the people who voted in favor of the “climate change” bill did so because of naked political self-interest, without any real regard to whether the sweeping changes would be good for the country as a whole?

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