Get Ready for the Fourth

We’re rolling into the Fourth of July holiday, and this rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner by Jake Shimabukuro is a good way to get primed for the fireworks and festivities.

If you never heard anything by Jake Shimabukuro, by the way, he’s worth a listen.  His Dragon CD has lots of good stuff on it.


Nuclear Moon

The Japanese Kayuga probe apparently has detected uranium on the Moon. If verified, it conceivably could provide a power source for lunar colonies.

Much of the science fiction written about the Moon depicts mining activities there.  Finding apparent deposits of uranium ore on the Moon therefore is a very interesting development, as it begins to provide an economic rationale for further, detailed exploration and a potential building block for self-sustaining colonies.  At some point, the Earth is going to need to agree on how the Moon’s resources should be explored, who or what may have ownership rights, and how proceeds from exploitation of the resources will be apportioned.