Elevator Operators And Zoo Animals

Here’s an appalling variation on the approach to budget cutting discussed in the post The Elevator Operator At The Washington Monument:  New England zoo officials, when confronted with the prospect of budget cuts, raised the prospect of euthanizing zoo animals!  To his credit, the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, called out the zoo officials for using obvious scare tactics and quashed any suggestion that animals would be killed as a result of budget cuts.  Did the New England Zoo really think people would believe that it has no more appropriate ways of coping with revenue shortfalls, such as cutting back advertising or reducing its administrative payroll?

I think it says a lot about the Zoo — and none of it good — that the Zoo administration would raise the prospect of slaughtering captive animals in what is obviously a cold and calculated effort to manipulate the emotions of children and their parents, to raise a hue and cry about the fate of the poor animals, and thereby to pressure the state government to restore all funding for the Zoo’s operation.

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