Man In the Mirror

Since I retired a few months ago I have gotten into a regular routine of getting up in the morning and going to the library. I have to admit that I have rarely used the library for most of my adult life because of work constraints, but it has so much to offer.

When I get to the library the first thing I do is check my e-mail (usually nothing there – ha ha), then I go to “You Tube”. With the recent passing of Michael Jackson each day on “You Tube” there have been numerous videos set to some of his best known songs.

My favorite MJ song was “Man in the Mirror”. Not only does “MITM” have great beat to it, but the message that the songs sends is a powerful one. What better way to affect change then by starting with ones self.

After viewing the video you get a strong sense that even though our country has it’s problems they pale in comparison to some of the issues other countries in the world are dealing with like basic hunger. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. 


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