Driving Revenue To The Bottom Line

Recently I was driving to work on a Saturday morning and was picked up for speeding. It was one of those areas where you are merging and coming down a hill at the same time. I was in the passing lane and a guy on a motorcycle passed me on the right, and at the foot of the hill a very polite police officer motioned me over to the median. It’s the first speeding ticket I’ve had in a long time — maybe more than a decade.

I don’t doubt that I was driving faster than 65 mph — pretty much everybody does on that stretch of road — but I don’t think I was going as fast as the officer said her radar gun indicated. I’ve noticed many more police of all kinds on our highways, both local police and the Ohio Highway Patrol, and it has made me wonder if our local and state governments don’t consider speeding tickets to be a good and largely untapped source of revenue. Any policeman who goes out on I-270 or 161 is going to catch some speeders, and the speeding fines are set up so that the faster you go, the more you pay. Why not position yourself at the bottom of a hill, and help your employer generate some much-needed revenue?

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