The Long, Cool Summer

Our summer in Columbus has been delightful so far — cool, crisp mornings and days that, for the most part, have stayed in the 70s and low 80s. We’ve managed to avoid the kind of stifling, muggy weather that you would expect to find in the midwest in the middle of July. This weather data for Columbus for July confirms this perception and shows that, for the most part, our high temperatures and our low temperatures have stayed below, and in some cases well below, the average temperatures for this time of year. It makes taking the morning walk with Penny a very pleasant experience.

I understand that the theory of global warming does not hold that the temperature every day, in every part of the world, will be higher than the historical average and constantly increasing. Still, it is hard to accept the concept of increasing global temperatures that require draconian changes in our activities when our summer nights are in the 50s and people dining outside are wearing light sweaters to stay warm.

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