Parliamentary Punch-Ups

The BBC website has this entertaining story of a brawl in the South Korean parliament about — of all things — a bill on media reform!

In America, we tend to be critical of Congress, but at least it manages to conduct its business with some dignity and without a melee. Still, in one twisted corner of my soul I find myself idly wondering what a brawl at the Capitol might look like. Imagine John McCain clad in pirate’s garb like Bluto Blutarsky from Animal House, leaping onto the Speaker’s podium as a livid Nancy Pelosi slashes at him with the oversized Speaker’s gavel while Barney Frank, John Kerry, and John Boehner trade punches, and all the while Senator Harry Reid drones colorlessly on . . . .

Michael Moore’s Sicko

While vacationing in Steamboat, Colorado a couple of weeks ago I had dinner one night with my good friend and his wife Janine who is a nurse. Since Janine is very involved in our healthcare system I wanted to get her opinion on our current healthcare system and what she felt we should do if anything. She suggested I watch Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” which I did.  

I know people often say that Mr. Moore is from the left wing of our political landscape, but I thought the movie was very thought provoking and highly recommended it to my friends. Unfortunately, most of my friends are conservative and refused to watch the movie because of Mr. Moores political background and that’s too bad.

Please check this movie out. I thought Mr. Moore was fair and just presented the facts with real life scenarios. I thought it was particularly interesting that the 9/11 terrorists are given state of the art care, but emergency workers who volunteered to work after we were attacked are not getting the care they need.

I have several other friends that are nurses and they all feel that we need to do something, but the problem is we start out trying to change things for the better, but what always happens is because of the fear of doing the wrong thing we end up doing nothing.

Focus On The Fall (III)

Here is the 2009 training camp schedule for the Cleveland Browns. I don’t expect the Browns to be any good this year, but they can’t possibly be any more pathetic than the Tribe. Russell and I might try to catch a practice when we are up at Sawmill Creek for the Webner family reunion.

It is amazing to see NFL players up close. Their combination of size and speed is stunning.