Fear Of August

A lot of politicians on both sides of the health care reform debate are holding their breath as Congress prepares to take its August recess. They are terribly afraid what members of Congress will encounter when they leave their enclave on the banks of the Potomac and return to their states and districts, there to be exposed to their constituents in uncontrolled settings. O, foul horror! To be required to interact with the grimy, unshod voters, without talking points and instant polls to guide every interaction and aides to serve as a buffer! To be subject to unscripted moments, without caucuses and whips to instruct you on what to do when the people you represent ask you about what is actually on their minds!

It is pretty pathetic when both parties express such concern about what might happen when legislators take a month to spend some time with their constituents. I frankly think we would be much better off if our Senators and Congressmen spent much less time in the Washington, D.C. fantasy world and much more time in the real world, discussing the real issues of the day and the honest concerns of those who elected them. In any case, I am perfectly comfortable with whatever takeaway members of Congress get from their constituents over the August recess. Whatever it may be, it is bound to be more sensible and thoughtful than a lot of what our elected representatives are hearing from the pundits and fellow politicos in D.C.

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