Fear Of August (Part II)

I’ve seen a few YouTube clips of protests and angry comments at “town hall” meetings between members of Congress and their constituents. The above clip, of edited parts of a protest at the end of a meeting with Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas, shows that at least some people are concerned enough about the rush to reform health care to show up and protest. Perhaps there really is a reason for Members of Congress to have Fear of August.

I think it is great to see people on all sides of the debate, from all demographic groups, getting involved in discussing an important national issue.  The video above shows what appears to be a young mother with a double stroller who brought her kids to protest, and this story talks about retirees, aged 55 to 87, who unsuccessfully tried to talk to Senator Diane Feinstein about health care reform.  Health care is a huge part of our economy, and any significant health care reform would necessarily have an enormous impact on American citizens and taxpayers.  Voters should let their Senators and Representatives know how they — and not the lobbyists or the special interest groups — really feel about what is being debated and considered.

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