Thank You Mary Jo


Yesterday, I received a mailing from my Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy. The mailing included a short letter in which she expressed her desire to bring down the cost of healthcare and make it more affordable and accessible for everyone. I’m in favor of all these.

Also included was a tear off questionnaire that could be mailed to her office. Shown below are the three questions that were asked with my responses:

How does the state of our current system affect you and your family ? I was recently laid off after working for a company for twenty six years, but was fortunate enough to qualify for retiree medical coverage through my employer at the age of fifty-two. Some laid off who were younger than I did not have the retiree medical option. 

What reforms do you think are necessary to fix our healthcare crisis ? I work part-time at a restaurant where most of the waiters and waitresses have no health coverage except for those who are married and covered under their spouse’s plan. At the very least the government needs to offer some type of plan that is affordable and accessible similar to what was done years ago for older Americans with the advent of Medicare.

Do you support the creation of a quality public healthcare option ? Yes, I feel that the government has to offer a plan in an effort to try and get insurance companies to change their current practices. If a public healthcare option is not offered than insurance companies will continue to charge high premiums and decline individuals with pre-existing conditions. The insurance carrier I worked for had a 10% profit margin built in to all of their health insurance premiums.

I think it’s interesting that people don’t want the government involved in our healthcare system even though they are already deeply involved. For example, if the government didn’t offer tax breaks to employers to cover employees, how many companies do you think would offer their employees coverage ?

The government offers these tax breaks with the stipulation that a company cover all employees and not exclude anyone. So an argument could be made that a large portion of citizens that currently have coverage under their employer have coverage because of the governments involvement.

I know that direct mail doesn’t get much of a response and perhaps nothing will be done with my questionnaire, but at least Mary Jo asked for my opinion and I took the time to respond !

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