Fear Of August (VI)

In addition to the increased attention to town hall meetings (which historically have been pretty sparsely attended) in this August of angst, there also has been a spike in e-mail traffic to Members of Congress, so much so that the House of Representatives website has been affected.  There is no way to know precisely what the e-mails are about, but the speculation is that health care reform is the principal topic being addressed — and constituents typically don’t write their Congressman to say thank you for a job well done.

In the meantime, there are signs that the public reaction may have given pause to Members of Congress.  This report, for example, says two newly elected Members are rethinking their positions.

Too Extreme ?

I caught the tail end of Extreme Pigouts on the Travel Channel and could not believe this place. Burgers up to 2 pounds of hamburger meat covered in lard, all you can eat flat liner french fries cooked in lard of course and if you weigh 350 pounds or more you eat free every day !