Heck of a Voice

When I got off work at Windward on Saturday night I went over to Spuds to meet some friends and have a night cap. Saturday night is Karaoke night at Spuds and I’m not big fan of Karaoke as most of the people who sing do the same songs over and over week after week and some don’t have a very good voice. 

Kim is one of the girls that typically sings, but she is different then most because she does a variety of songs plus she has a pretty good voice. She told me that her mom used to play Carpenters albums over and over when she was younger and that she was going to sing one of their songs, Superstar. 


The Carpenters were a brother and sister duo during the seventies with Karen playing the drums and her brother Richard playing the piano or keyboards. Karen Carpenter was the first girl I ever had a crush on. Not only was Karen beautiful in my eyes, but she had a simply amazing voice, the voice of an angel. 

I suppose the Carpenters were probably not considered mainstream, but I had one or two of their albums. Some of their best hit songs were We’ve Only Just Begun to Live, Close to You, Hurting Each Other, Goodbye to Love, Rainy Days and Mondays, Let Me Be the One, I Won’t Last a Day Without You, For All We Know and Only Yesterday.   



Its only my opinion, but I think Karen Carpenter has to have one of the best female voices I’ve ever heard and her voice stands the test of time. I have included three of my favorite songs that I found on You Tube and hope you enjoy them as much as I did and still do. 


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