Dilemma ? How Can we Reverse this Trend ?

As of late I have been starting to wonder when radio and cable talk show hosts have gone too far with their comments. We can all recall Don Imus’s “nappy headed ho” comments that caused him to lose his job awhile back, but most talk show hosts say and do pretty much whatever they want without giving it a second thought.

Recently I heard that Rush Limbaugh made remarks comparing the Obama administration to the Nazis and Glenn Beck called President Obama a racist “with a deep seeded hatred for white people”.  As an average Joe I would hope that most of us know that neither of these statements are in fact true.

Heres an interesting article regarding the dilemma facing advertisers on some of the cable news channels. I’m in complete agreement with one of the spokespersons who said “we support vigorous debate, especially around policy issues that affect millions of Americans, but we expect it to be informed, inclusive and respectful”. Somewhere along the way we have lost these words, informed, inclusive and respectful when engaging in debate !

Limbaughs comment about Barney Frank, a gay representative, “spending most of his time living around Uranus”, is hardly respectful, in fact it is downright cruel. Yet nothing willl happen to Limbaugh and no apology will be forthcoming.

I’m glad to see that some advertisers are asking that their ads be pulled from Glenn’s show, but the article goes on to say that Beck had one of his biggest weeks ever when he made the Obama racist comment so why would we expect Beck to tone down his remarks ? In fact he will probably come up with even more outrageous remarks to drum up even more viewers.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers, but what can we do to reverse this trend ?

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