New House

Last night as I was channel-surfing I saw an ad for the new season of House, which apparently will be starting up in September.  It came as a bit of a surprise, because I never know when new episodes will start for any shows anymore. 

(Don’t you miss the old days, when all shows started airing new episodes at about the same time kids went back to school?  You’d get the Fall Preview episode of TV Guide and be able to read short write-ups of all of the casting changes and programming changes for existing shows and descriptions of the new shows.  On any given night during the first week of new TV shows, you could watch a number of totally new shows and enjoy the return of old favorites.  It wasn’t pleasant going back to school, but at least the start-up of the TV season made it a bit more palatable.)

From the ad, it looks like House actually was institutionalized for mental treatment, which would quash my theory that the weird, dream-like ending of last season was just a Vicodin-induced hallucination.  The ad shows the good Dr. House with an institutional haircut and a grown-out beard that has replaced his trademark stubble, and we also see him haranguing Wilson from some rotary phone in the hallway of the psychiatric hospital.

I’m not sure what they are going to do with this plot line, but as I’ve noted before I like House, because it is one of the few consistently challenging shows on TV.  I hope that continues.

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