Pelotonia 2009

Here are pictures from the Pelotonia charity bike race I participated in on Saturday. Proceeds went to the James Cancer Hospital at OSU. I rode 25 miles, but some riders went 50, 100, or 180 miles. The 180 mile riders ended up in Athens.

I woke up at 5:15 to get ready, and arrived there at about 6:15.


The race began near the intersection of Olentangy River Road and Lane Avenue. There were thousands of people everywhere. Lots of free food.


Here I am in my Vorys team Jersey.


There were so many riders that those of us in the back had to wait 10-15 minutes to start moving after the race started.




It was fun riding on roads downtown without having to worry about traffic. There were lots of people there to cheer us on.




Riding through a small town near the end of my portion of the race. Notice the friendly woman waving on the left.


We ended up in the parking lot of a gym/senior center. Lots of local restaurants had stalls set up and gave out plenty of free breakfast food. I wasn’t very tired and I sort of wished I had signed up for a longer ride, but that would also require raising more money.

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