Are Brothels Next?

Here’s a sign of how desperate some states are for money: Kansas will be the first state ever to own and operate a casino. I suppose that, once states started obtaining revenues from lotteries, this result was inevitable. Still, it is pretty sad when a state government owns and profits from activities that are generally regarded as immoral, all in the name of increasing revenue.

I ask again, however: is there any source of revenue that desperate state governments would not be willing to tap to balance state budgets? If state governments are willing to operate casinos, can state-owned bars, brothels, and recreational drug facilities be far behind?

1 thought on “Are Brothels Next?

  1. Indeed, why stop there? States could compete with third-world countries for outsourcing of all sorts. We could call it “in-sourcing” and allow states to suspend their child-labor, minimum wage, safety, environmental and other regulations for out-of-state companies willing to set up manufacturing or service centers here at home instead of transferring them abroad. Dormitory facilities for out-of-town (documented and undocumented) workers would of course be needed. Lots of low-end service business opportunities would sprout up to support the workforce. Perhaps a sort of California or Klondike gold rush atmosphere would evolve, with some Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-type entertainment-for-the-masses thrown in. Ah, the race to the bottom in our global economy……………


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