A Band Of Buckeye Boosters

J Schoolers (left to right) J. Most Leickly, Sandy Theis, me, Bob Hust, and Ken Kraus

We’re getting ready for tomorrow’s contest with Navy, the first game of the 2009 Buckeye football season.  I’ll be sitting in A Deck, in the closed end, with Buckeye Bebe, UJ, and Richard.  We’ll be tailgating beforehand and afterward and may visit the Skull Session, too.

-2To usher in the 2009 season and get everyone stoked for tomorrow’s game, I offer these pictures from a tailgate in the French Field House parking lot hosted by my pal and partner Kristin Watt before last year’s game with the despicable Michigan Wolverines.  The picture features an intrepid band of J School graduates, consisting of (left to right) J. Most Leickly, Sandy Theis, me, Bob Hust, and my college roommate Ken Kraus.  In anticipation of the dismal performance by U of M, we gave them the fabled J School choke sign.  Sure enough, The Ohio State University Buckeyes inflicted maximum pain on the hapless team from TSUN, giving them a thorough beating and sending them scurrying back to their ratholes on the short end of a 42-7 whipping.  It was a glorious day.