Gilbert Neal (Part IV)

When in Florida I was browsing around my Uncle Gilberts den while he was on the phone with my cousin David and came across an article written in the Akron Beacon Journal when Grampa retired from the Firestone Bank. Below are some excerpts of the article:

During the decades that Mr. Neal was an executive of the bank he frequently impressed on fellow employees and especially newcomers the merit of promptness.

Mr. Neal also said that there is no better time to do anything then now unless there is a point to be gained by waiting.

Mr. Neal was a businessman with a strong leaning towards sports and had always been a believer in team effort contending that progress depends on the efforts of everyone.

I happened to have the opportunity to have lunch a few times with Grampa, Mr. and Mrs. Swartz and Mr. And Mrs. Wiegle at Portage Country Club. Swartz and Wiegle were employees of the Firestone Bank and had both worked for Grampa at one time or another. They continued to stay in touch with each other after they had retired from the bank.

I asked Wiegle if he had any good stories about working with Grampa and he said that each day Grampa would walk around the bank and ask employees how things were going. Wiegle said he had a complaint about how something was being done at the bank and one day he worked up enough courage to bring it to Grampa’s attention.

To Wiegle’s surprise Grampa said sounds like something we need to correct so I’m putting you in charge of coming up with alternatives as to how we currently handle the situation. Wiegle was perplexed and said that he thought Grampa would come up with the alternatives and not leave that task up to him. Wiegle said he wasn’t as quick to complain after that.

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