Can It Get Any Worse ?

Well I keep thinking that politics can’t get any worse and to my surprise it keeps getting worse ! In the old days at least our politicians could control their emotions and wait until after the president spoke to unleash their thoughts and feelings, but not last night. Joe Wilson, Congressman from South Carolina went to far, was disrespectful and called the president a liar !

The website linked above clearly shows where House Bill 3200, Section 246 says that no federal payment for undocumented aliens will be made, yet Mr. Wilson got caught up in the moment and yelled “You lie” to the president. The president also touched on a few of the Seven Falsehoods About Healthcare which I found very interesting when clicking on ‘correctly detailed’ in the article. Same old story, when politicians aren’t for something they turn to spreading false statements that cause constituents to be fearful and of course fear brings no change.

As I recall Bob blogged awhile back about one of the Asian legislatures where harsh words blossomed into fighting and he made the statement “that at least that doesn’t happen here “. Maybe its just me, but I suspect that it is only a matter of time until that type of thing does happen here. Oh well, at least C-Spans ratings will improve if it does – ha ha !

3 thoughts on “Can It Get Any Worse ?

  1. But Section 1702 curtails the inquiry and reporting capability for various agencies regarding healthcare coverage, including Medicaid. This would allow illegals to unlawfully gain such coverage (fully subsidized coverage) with impunity.

    We had the same problem under Clinton with food stamps. Laws were written to prevent illegals from benefiting from them but reporting rules were changed to prevent those rules from being enforced. Sections 246 and 1702 are in the same conflict.

    So yes, by means of deception and disingenuous speech, Obama is a liar – and Wilson called him on it publicly.

    I’d call it rude, but it’s been a common practice for both sides to heckle and mock the POTUS during speeches to Congress. Both Clinton and Bush had to put up with essentially the same behavior. It just wasn’t “news” until Obama was the recipient.


  2. I don’t recall Bush ever being called a liar during a speech to Congress, but perhaps you can remind me as to when this happened ?

    Wouldn’t you agree that there should be some minimum standard of respect and decorum given to POTUS when speaking to Congress ?


  3. It’s hard to say if President Bush was actually ever called a liar during a speech to Congress. Unlike Wilson, who acted alone, the Dems made a habit of mocking, booing, and heckling President Bush in large groups. This makes isolating the exact words used by any of them difficult.

    As for a minimum level of respect – No. Respect is earned. On the other hand, interrupting anyone during the course of a speech is rude enough in and of itself, irrespective of the content of that interruption.

    Really, my only two points were that Obama was lying by most people’s standards and that the Liberals, after their behavior towards President Bush, don’t have a room to complain about Wilson.


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