Ten Rules for Making Every day a Great Day !

I was doing some cleaning yesterday and I came across the box that I packed all of my desk items in when I retired from Nationwide. One of the items was a newspaper cut out that I got from the Columbus Dispatch years ago which outlined ten rules for making every day a great day. I had it tacked on my cubicle wall and would refer to it daily. See the rules below:

1 – Think that good things will happen today.

2 – Express gratitude to a loved one.

3 – Put your gripes away in a box.

4 – Be patient with an annoying person.

5 – Do something special for yourself.

6- Reachout to someone who needs comfort.

7 – Focus deeply on each moment.

8 – Learn from a mistake.

9 – Take a walk and enjoy the outdoors.

10 – Smile !

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