Too Much On His Plate?

According to this story, President Obama has sent a messenger to New York Governor David Paterson, advising him that the President does not want him to run for election in 2010.  Apparently the President prefers that Andrew Cuomo be the Democratic standard-bearer in the Empire State and is afraid that a run by Paterson — whose poll numbers are awful — will encourage Rudy Guiliani to run.

I don’t know much about New York politics, but I am surprised that the President is trying to micromanage gubernatorial races that won’t occur until next year.  It is impossible to avoid President Obama these days; he is everywhere, seemingly doing everything.  He gives regular speeches on his health care reform efforts, today he appeared on multiple Sunday morning talk shows, last week he decided to change the approach to missile defense, he’s been on Leno, he’ll be on Letterman, he’ll be chairing a meeting of the U.N. Security Council, and now he is trying to tell New York’s Governor what to do about his future political career.

Perhaps Presidents have always tried to control political decisions at a state or even a local level.  With everything else that is going on, however, I would feel better if the President and his advisors would leave New York political decisions to New York politicians and focus exclusively on the many things he already has on his plate.  As my grandmother used to say, those who try to do too much end up doing nothing well.

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