The Startling Mr. Opossum

The weather turned cooler overnight, and this morning’s walk brought the first opossum sighting in quite a while.  I was strolling along, floating in some pleasant reverie, when suddenly I saw the white-faced Mr. Opossum waddling across the street right in front of me.  Seeing a wild animal is always a bit of a shock, and whenever an animal makes no significant effort to avoid human contact I am especially wary that the animal might be rabid or otherwise off its rocker.  (This is especially true after this summer’s disturbing “squirrel incident,” when Kish and I were chased for quite a distance down a nature path by an unusually aggressive squirrel.)  Mr. Opposum appeared to be healthy and of sound mind, although he was in no hurry to cross the street, scamper up an incline, and disappear into the underbrush.

The opossum is one of the staples of New Albany early morning walk wildlife sightings.  Other common encounters include deer (and never just one, either), raccoons (who seem to live in the New Albany stormwater sewer system, or at least use it as an underground conduit), and rabbits.

1 thought on “The Startling Mr. Opossum

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