Creationism vs Evolution

Here’s an interesting article about a recent find that provides evidence that chimps and humans evolved from some long ago common ancestor, but that each evolved and changed separately along the way.

As science gets closer and closer to finding the missing link I am reminded of  the “Scopes Monkey Trial” which is fictionalized in one of my favorite movies “Inherit the Wind” where Spencer Tracy defends Dick York who played the part of the teacher (Scopes) who broke the law by teaching from a textbook which showed ideas developed from Charles Darwin’s book on the Origin of Species.

What a great movie !     

Anatomy of the Spirit

I just finished reading another book that my good friend Heather passed to me. Heather is the person who initially told me about the book the Secret. The basic premise of the book is based on research into energy medicine which the author practices. The book explains how every illness can correspond to a daily pattern of emotional and psychological stresses or attitudes that influence corresponding parts of the human body.

Of particular interest to me were instructions that the author gave to help provide an individual with a starting point for grasping energy power and using it in a positive way.

– Examine one’s own thoughts and feelings and try to understand what you believe and why.

– Try to keep an open mind and be aware of when your mind is shutting down.

– Try not to be defensive which keeps new insights from entering your mind.

– Think of all situations and relationships as having importance.

– Become open to receiving guidance and insight through your dreams.

– Work towards releasing any thoughts that promote self-pity or anger and that blame another person for anything that has happened to you.

– Make decisions based on your wisest assessment at the moment as opposed to trying to create a specific outcome.

– Refrain from all judgements because we don’t know all of the facts and details.

– Learn to recognize when you are being influenced by a fear pattern and make choices that weaken the influence of those fears.

– Detach from all values that support the belief that success in life means achieving certain goals, instead view a successful life as a process of achieving self control and working through the challenges life brings you.

– Act on your inner guidance.

– Keep all of your attention in the present moment and refrain from living in the past and worrying about the future.

– Learn to trust what you cannot see far more than what you can see.

I think these are good words to live by, but they will take some work on my part in doing so.

Grover Cleveland

Well I just finished the last of the American Presidents Series books that I have been reading since I semi-retired back in April. I have been asked to return to Nationwide next Monday, October 5th and when I am working full-time I typically don’t take the time to do alot of “book” reading. I knew little about Grover Cleveland except for the fact that he was a rather rotund individual.

He is most known for the fact that he is the only person to serve two non-consecutive terms in the office of United States president. He was our 22nd and 24th president and served from 1885-1889 and from 1893-1897. He won the popular vote three straight times and was the only democrat elected between the years of 1860-1912. In 1888 he narrowly lost the state of New York which was the swing state in that election that gave the presidency to Benjamin Harrison.

Cleveland was a decent, sincere, honest and straightforward person, all qualities that were not typical of politicians during his time. He was the governor of New York during a time of much political corruption and was the first state politician to stand up to the corrupt Tammany Hall “Boss Tweed” machine.

When he first took office in 1885 he was not married, however he worked very long hours and was married to his work. Based on today’s standards he would have probably been considered a workaholic. He later married while serving as president during his first term and he was the last president to live in the White House without electricity.

During his years between presidential terms he was a sportsman and enjoyed hunting and fishing in his spare time. He also liked playing cribbage which is one of our family favorites. He had five children the most well known was his daughter Ruth who died at the age of twelve, but still lives in the national memory as Baby Ruth because the Curtiss company named a candy bar after her in her honor.