Damned if You do and Damned if You Don’t

When I read Bob’s blog on Torched I have to say I have a totally different perspective.  My point of view is best expressed in this article written by Joe Scarbourgh, a conservative who at one time served in the United States House of Representatives. I agree with Joe on ALL of the points he made and I too am one of the growing number of Americans who believe that the participants in our government cannot continue going this way.

I’m not going to speak for others who voted for Obama in the last election, but when I voted for him I was looking for someone who was intelligent (graduated from Columbia University and a Harvard Law school grad), someone who could take an issue and make a logical decision then articulate to me his thought process and why he made the decision he made and yes, someone who was a multi-tasker, someone willing to take chances while in the process taking the country in a different direction.

A while back when I read Bob’s September 10 blog about the presidents speech I was surprised because I thought the president knocked the ball out of the park with his speech. I sent Bob’s wife Kish a text the day after the speech and told her I thought the president did a GREAT job and she wholeheartedly agreed. How could we all be listening to the same speech and come to such different conclusions ? 

I think Joe put it best in his article when he said just because we have differing points of view that doesn’t mean that one of us is right and one of us is wrong, but that we just view the world differently. I think it’s safe to say that my brother Bob and I DEFINITELY view the world differently.

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