A Pretty Good Investment

The newly discovered Da Vinci painting

The normally separate worlds of modern technology and Renaissance art intersected recently, and the result was confirmation that a heretofore obscure painting was the work of Leonardo da Vinci.  Multispectral images of a painting thought to be that of a 19th century German painter has allowed art historians to determine that a fingerprint on the painting matched that of the great Leonardo, who apparently frequently used his hands in creating his masterpieces.

What does it mean for the owner of the piece?  Well, he bought the painting two years ago for $19,000, and now it is estimated to be worth more than $100 million.  For the mathematically challenged, that means the value of the investment increased 5,000 times in just two years.

Russell, be sure to leave a few telltale fingerprints on your artwork!

Late Night T V

When I was retired I would often be up late and I liked watching the Craig Ferguson Show which is on right after David Letterman. I enjoyed this skit Craig did awhile back. He is playing Larry King while one of the shows writers is playing him. I saw it again last night when Craig was on Larry King Live. He’s very funny so if you are up late check him out. Enjoy !