Yard Signs In The Neighborhood

They say all politics is local, and the current condition of our neighborhood reflects that reality.  Brightly colored political yard signs dot the landscape, and fliers are frequently found on our doorstep.  In this off-year election in New Albany, Ohio, we will be choosing among candidates for school board, village council, and trustee, as well as voting on statewide issues.

The issues in these local elections are basic and gut-level.  Do we like the performance of our schools or think that we need to change course?  Are our taxes too high?  Are we happy with our neighborhoods and local development plans?  The population which decides this issue is limited, and if you can convince enough of your neighbors to vote as you want you can effect real changes in policy.  The election handouts reflect the intensity of the candidates’ positions, with lots of boldfaced statements and exclamation points.  And, as you learn something about the candidates, you also learn something about your neighbors who display their yard signs.

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