Better to be Lucky than Good

While sitting here at the library a friend of mine just sent me a text and informed me that I won another $125 in the OSU football pool. She said it must be nice to be so lucky as it’s the third time I’ve won already this year.

Being in the football pool is always a fun thing to do because it adds some excitement to what can often be a boring football game. It’s interesting because you start with an empty grid as shown above and participants choose squares without knowing what their numbers are going to be.

Most participants have a particular “technique” or an “art” to picking their squares. While some will only choose squares in a particular area or squares that run along the outer portion of the grid, others will choose three to four squares in a diagonal line.

Once all the squares are filled with names the numbers are picked from 0 to 9 and matched with the corresponding rows and for each square a set of two numbers are revealed. Typically one hopes to get good numbers like 7 and 0, 4 and 0 or 4 and 7, however sometimes you end up with a 5 or a 2 which means you need one of the teams to get a safety or miss an extra point or two.

Even it you get some good numbers its always pure luck if you win. I guess I won with 7 for OSU and 0 for Minnesota at half time. I’m told that OSU was driving for more points right before half-time and Terrell threw an interception to end the drive. Way to go Terrell, I love you man ! I’m on the winning end this time around and someone else is drowning their sorrows while thinking about what might have been.

As my grandfather always used to say “its better to be lucky than good” and how true that statement is !

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