Nowhere To Go But Up

The Indians have hired Manny Acta to be their new manager.  Acta, the former manager of the Washington Nationals, is young (40) and one of his strengths is supposed to be relating to and developing young players.

New Tribe skipper Manny Acta

In his 2 1/2 years in Washington, Acta also compiled one of the worst managerial won-lost records in major league history.  In that sense, he and the Tribe are well-suited for each other.  Both want to erase the wretched recent past and show that they are winners.  We will find out soon enough whether Acta will be able to motivate and develop younger players, because the Tribe’s roster is filled with young players and “prospects.”  In fairness to Acta, however, you have to wonder how much talent there is to develop.  Last year the Tribe’s Triple-A franchise, the Columbus Clippers, were awful.

Shooting Stars

Today was crisp and exceptionally clear for my 5 a.m. walk.  On mornings like today, with the sun still well below the eastern horizon, the constellations stand out, cold and sparkling and distant, and you can almost count the individual stars. New Albany is located at the far northeast corner of Franklin County, and the night skies don’t suffer from too much light pollution from Columbus.

On some days you may glimpse a shooting star.  Today was one of those days.  Your eye catches a quick movement and you turn your head just in time to see a point of light flashing by, impossibly fast against the unmoving backdrop of stars, only to flare into nothingness.

It is a stroke of good fortune to see a shooting star first thing in the morning.  The day has only just begun, and already it is a special day.