I was sorry to hear that Dede Scozzafava of New York’s 23rd district dropped out of the race for the House of Representatives today. This race has received much national attention and was deemed as the race which might determine whether or not the Republican party of the future will be a more inclusive party or whether it will continue its current move to the right.

Scozzafava was chosen by the Republican chairs of the eleven counties in the district because she knew the district, understood the issues at hand and they felt she could best represent the district in Congress. Hoffman on the other hand does not even live in the district.

The problem with Scozzafava as a candidate was that she did not represent the national Republican party values. She was pro-choice, she supported gay marriage and she was for the Employee Free Choice Act which assists employees in forming or setting up a union if they wish. Yet she still held some Republican points of view in a recent debate where she disagreed with president Obama’s point of view on Afghanistan and Healthcare.

The party heavyweights who will most likely be running for president on the Republican side in 2012 such as Palin, Pawlenty and Thompson threw their support behind Hoffman and with that support came a ton of money. Scoozafava was not able to weather the storm.   

A local newspaper endorsement put it best when they said Scozzafava’s answers to questions about the district she was going to be respresenting to have “both breadth and depth unmatched by her opponents” and that Hoffman the national party candidate “drew blanks”.

So I will be watching Tuesday night election returns to see who the voters of the 23rd district decide to elect, but it’s too bad that whoever they choose it’s not going to be the most qualified candidate for the job !

Dissecting The Statistics

Here’s an interesting analysis on the most recent Gross Domestic Product numbers, the job creation data released by the White House, and what it all may mean for the economy as it tries to work slowly out of the current recession.  The key question is whether we are seeing any real economic growth, or just the impact of one-time, here-and-gone programs like Cash for Clunkers and first-time homeowner tax credits that may simply be shifting purchases from later period to earlier periods in response to government incentives.  The article concludes that the current answer to that question is uncertain, to say the least.

Hitler And The Holocaust

It is hard to imagine that, nearly 65 years after the end of World War II, there are many new secrets to learn about Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.  Nevertheless, historians think they might learn something new from the memoirs of Fritz Darges, who died recently at age 96.  Darges was Hitler’s last SS adjutant, serving from 1940 to 1944, and was present for all major conferences on the war during that time.

What I found surprising about this article is that some revisionist historians apparently have argued that Hitler knew nothing of the Holocaust.  Therefore, there is interest in whether Darges’ memoirs will confirm that Hitler in fact was aware of the Holocaust.

It is hard to believe that a compelling case can be made that a rabid anti-Semite who was the absolute leader of a totalitarian regime could be completely clueless about an operation on the magnitude of the Holocaust, with its specific purpose of addressing the “Jewish problem” that Hitler himself had repeatedly discussed.  How could Hitler be unaware of a program that involved the construction of multiple work camps and death camps, the organized round-up of millions of Jews throughout occupied Europe, the use of dedicated trains to transport Jews to Auschwitz and other hellish locations, and countless other indications of organized murder on an unprecedented scale?  Does anyone really believe that the Nazi officials directly involved in planning and executing the Holocaust did not boast of their activities to the Fuehrer whose crazed writings and speeches on the subject demonstrated that he would be a receptive and enthusiastic supporter of what they were doing?