I was sorry to hear that Dede Scozzafava of New York’s 23rd district dropped out of the race for the House of Representatives today. This race has received much national attention and was deemed as the race which might determine whether or not the Republican party of the future will be a more inclusive party or whether it will continue its current move to the right.

Scozzafava was chosen by the Republican chairs of the eleven counties in the district because she knew the district, understood the issues at hand and they felt she could best represent the district in Congress. Hoffman on the other hand does not even live in the district.

The problem with Scozzafava as a candidate was that she did not represent the national Republican party values. She was pro-choice, she supported gay marriage and she was for the Employee Free Choice Act which assists employees in forming or setting up a union if they wish. Yet she still held some Republican points of view in a recent debate where she disagreed with president Obama’s point of view on Afghanistan and Healthcare.

The party heavyweights who will most likely be running for president on the Republican side in 2012 such as Palin, Pawlenty and Thompson threw their support behind Hoffman and with that support came a ton of money. Scoozafava was not able to weather the storm.   

A local newspaper endorsement put it best when they said Scozzafava’s answers to questions about the district she was going to be respresenting to have “both breadth and depth unmatched by her opponents” and that Hoffman the national party candidate “drew blanks”.

So I will be watching Tuesday night election returns to see who the voters of the 23rd district decide to elect, but it’s too bad that whoever they choose it’s not going to be the most qualified candidate for the job !

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