Is This All it Takes To Be Happy ?

Oprah had a good show on the week before last where she did some interviews with citizens from other countries around the world that are considered the world’s happiest. Denmark consistently makes it to the top of the list year after year and below is the clip from her show.

There were several interesting points in the article titled Denmark the Happiest Place on Earth.

1 – Danes have an amazing level of trust for each other, their laws and for their government.

2 – Danes pay very high taxes, in fact the highest in the world, from 50% to 70%, but the government pays for all of the healthcare and education for it’s citizens. These are two huge burdens that Americans have trouble dealing with on their own. The government also provides a safety net when citizens lose their jobs. These situations are often cause for much stress in the United States.

3 – Denmark is a post consumerist society, with little emphasis on buying “stuff” whereas Americans need a bigger house or an additional car.

Believe me I’m not complaining and I am very happy with my life because it’s a very simple one. I’m not advocating a government takeover, but just some food for thought !

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